Zimbabwe Lion King “Cecil” brothers died or died of natural causes

(Original title: Zimbabwe Lion King “Cecil” brothers died or died of natural causes)

According to foreign media reports, Zimbabwe star lion “Cecil” (Cecil) last year, tragically American dentist Palmer hunting. A few days ago, “Cecil” killed Wanji National Park came the news: “Cecil” brother “Jericho” (Jericho) death. However, “Jericho” or died of natural causes.

Reported that a few days ago, the researchers in the Wanji National Park on the lions into the routine inspection time, in an animal rest point found the “Jericho” body. “Jericho” body was found when the state shows that it is in the rest of the time of death, no gunshot wounds.

However, when “Jericho” body has been severely rotten. The researchers extracted samples from their bodies for testing. The rest of the body is buried in place, to prevent the eaten by the scavengers.

“Jericho” 12-year-old, is the US dentist Palmer hunting star lion “Cecil” brother. Last year, “Cecil” was killed, the news that it has also been killed, and its living conditions have also aroused concern.

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