Vietnamese karaoke bar fire caused 13 deaths Prime Minister called on the perpetrators

(Former title: Vietnamese karaoke bar fire caused 13 deaths, the Prime Minister called upon the perpetrators)

According to foreign media reports, local time on the 1st afternoon, the Vietnamese capital Hanoi, a karaoke ok bar fire, killing 13 people were killed and two police officers were injured.

Local officials said the fire quickly spread to nearby houses. The authorities dispatched hundreds of firefighters and police officers to extinguish the fire, and two police officers were injured in the process and admitted to hospital.

After the incident, the Vietnamese Prime Minister Ruanchun Fu ordered the police “to investigate immediately to identify the cause of the fire, and punish the perpetrators.”

Reported that Ruanchun Fu also asked local authorities to strictly check all the local karaoke bars and restaurants, fire safety measures and equipment.

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