Venezuela suspends dialogue on Maduro’s “political trial” requirements

(Former title: Venezuelan parliament to suspend the Maduro “political trial” calls for dialogue)

According to the Argentine Infobae website November 1 reported that the opposition holds the majority of the Venezuelan parliament on the 1st announced the suspension of Maduro’s “political trial” and demonstrations, but hope that the opposition and Maduro Leading the government to start a dialogue.

Last month, Maduro was accused of revoking the presidential referendum on Oct. 20, severely damaging the constitutional order, and Congress announced it would pursue the matter and conduct a “political trial” against Maduro.

But yesterday, Venezuela, the Congress passed a postponement of the Maduro “political trial” resolution, President of Congress Ramos Alupu explained that this does not mean that the opposition “surrender” But a solution to the crisis in Venezuela to explore.

After the meeting, the main opposition leader of the Venezuelan opposition camp Julio Borges said the reason why the Democratic Solidarity Party postponed the Maduro’s “political trial”, and Maduro government dialogue is expected in the Dialogue can be reached in advance of the presidential election consensus. In addition, the opposition People’s Will Party asked Maduro to release more than the opposition political prisoners, that this is the premise of opening the dialogue between the two sides.

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