US media: North Korea in the next 1 to 3 days test “dance water side” medium-range missiles

(Original title: US media: the DPRK will test the next 1-3 days, “dance water side” medium-range missiles)

According to Yonhap News Agency reported on November 2, the US Fox News Network 1, said two government sources said the DPRK will re-launch the next 1-3 days, “dance water side” medium-range missiles. This will also be North Korea 2016 since the 9th test firing action.

According to reports, the DPRK in 2005 announced the successful development of “dance water side” missiles, actual combat deployment in 2007, but did not conduct flight tests. “Dance water side” missile range of more than 3000km, can cover the US Guam base. According to United Nations Security Council resolution, prohibiting North Korea to use ballistic missile technology for any launch.

According to public reports, the DPRK has been on April 15, 8 dance test water-side missiles, in addition to the June 22 test shot, the other seven failed. Germany’s leading technical analysis specialist ST Analytics Dr. Marcus Schiller said earlier that in order to improve the engine, although it will fail many times, but North Korea is expected to launch at least five future “dance water side” missiles.

South Korean military experts believe that, in addition to “dance water side” missiles, North Korea is also trying to KN-08 mobile intercontinental ballistic missiles and submarine-launched ballistic missile test, hoping to “dance the water” to help the success of the other two missiles .

Fox News Network also said that in response to North Korea missile tests, the United States on October 31 the Ohio-class strategic nuclear submarine, “Pennsylvania” was sent to the Guam base.

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