Samsung suspected of providing large amounts of money to the Cui Shun was South Korea prosecution investigation

(Former title: Samsung suspected to the President of the cronies to provide a large sum of money by the Cui Shunfang investigation)

According to the South Korean prosecutors on the 2nd, according to the survey found that Samsung Group last year to the “Pu Gei cronies” the parties Cui Shunshi and his daughter Jeong established in Germany “Widec Sports” company remittance 2.8 million euros () About 20.9 million yuan), the prosecution this investigation and will call the Samsung personnel.

It is reported that this money last year from October to October Xujing a commercial bank into the “Widec Sports” predecessor “Core Sports” account opened in the local banks in Germany, mainly for Jeong buy horse racing.

Widec sports accused of Cui Shun is a fake public and private companies to set up. At present, Cui Shun is accused of using the relationship with Park Ji-hyun set up Mir consortium and K sports consortium, forcing large companies to the two consortium funding, K Sports Foundation had previously “sports overseas training budget” in the name of SK Group invested 8 billion Won, and this money is managed by Widec Sports.

Earlier media reports, Widec sports to “cultivate popular sports talent” in the name of the four major groups of Korea to invest 8 billion won each. But Samsung responded that the relevant reports and the facts do not match, Samsung did not accept Widec sports related requirements. Samsung also denied the German part of the media about the value of Samsung to Jeong 1 billion won horse racing reports.

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