Restart “e-mail door” FBI Secretary General election into the US storm debate center

(Former title: restart “e-mail door” survey FBI Secretary General election controversy storm center)

BEIJING, Nov. 2 (Xinhuanet) reported that from the US general election referendum day just one week, recently announced the resumption of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton “e-mail door” of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Secretary Kemi Democrats And Republicans on the central issue of the general election debate.

Recently, the 56-year-old Republican FBI director Kemi accidentally announced that he would see a large number of e-mails found in the computer of her husband, Anthony Weiner, who had been separated from Hilary’s assistant Abedeen. He also said investigators had obtained a search warrant and are now determining whether the e-mails were related to Hillary’s use of private e-mail to handle national security issues during his tenure as secretary of state.

Trump camp, welcomed the new situation, and Hillary’s supporters, then criticized the practice of Komi, saying it tried to influence the 2016 presidential election.

Data: US Democratic presidential candidate Hillary.

Lynch, the US attorney general, told Komi that she still believes in him despite disagreeing with his public reopening of the Hillary mail server investigation. Clinton’s campaign camp continues to accuse the FBI of adopting a political stance in the election.

Lynch also stressed to Komi, the problem is critical. After the meeting, the Justice Department sent a letter to members of Congress saying “to put all resources” to restart the investigation, and “as soon as possible” from the Weiner computer detected 650,000 e-mail classification.

On November 1, both the FBI and the Justice Department said they would take steps to calm the ongoing political turmoil and adopt standard procedures, including officials not commenting until the end of the investigation.

The Associated Press said the FBI was aware of the existence of these emails a few weeks ago, but Secretary Komi wrote to Congress on Oct. 28, just 11 days before the election.

Data: US Democratic presidential candidate Kemi.

Informed sources, Kemi to make this decision, at least let him no longer suffer from the FBI internal opposing opinion agents have a strong resistance to pressure, but also to avoid criticism of future Republicans.

October 31, the US Department of Justice said, is working with the FBI, will soon launch a new discovery of Hillary’s assistant e-mail investigation. US Department of Justice officials Kade Zeke wrote to the Senate several heavyweight Democrats. They were angry at the FBI’s investigation of Hillary’s e-mail again when it was so close to voting that Komi’s actions violated the electoral law.

The same day, Hillary Clinton campaign in Ohio, she cried out: “There is no new case.” She accused the FBI of being involved in the election, and “there is no evidence of any malpractice.” She said to the investigators, please use all means to check Alberto’s e-mail.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign team manager Muk said the FBI’s attitude was ambiguous when it came to Trump’s investigation. “Every time they asked about Trump’s investigation, they are tight-lipped or silent, claiming to stick to the rules. That shocked me, but when it comes to Hillary, they are not … … Comy opened the door , We just ask him to correct and treat all the same. “

On the other hand, Trump said he believes the FBI may have found Clinton’s “e-mail door” to be deleted from the e-mail. Trump said at the election rally that he hoped the 33,000 e-mail messages that the Democratic presidential candidate had been removed could now be found.

Now, worried Democrats asked the FBI Secretary Kemi as soon as possible the disclosure of the new e-mail content. The White House said it would not criticize the FBI’s decision, nor will it defend.

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