Polls show Trump support rate since May for the first time overtake Hillary

(Original title: Trump since May for the first time overtake Hillary, the US media said the symbolic meaning than the actual)

A poll by the American Broadcasting Corporation and the Washington Post found Trump’s approval rating at 46%, and Hillary Clinton’s approval rating at 45%.

Washington, Nov. 1 news, from the US presidential election polling day and 7 days, the ABC and the Washington Post local time on the 1st joint polls show that the Republican presidential candidate Trump’s national support Leading Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton 1 percentage point, which is the first time since May Trump in the mainstream polls overtake Hillary, means that the presidential election is more complicated and confusing.

The poll showed Trump’s approval rate was 46%, Hillary’s support rate of 45%, the Liberal Party candidate Johnson’s support rate of 3%, the Greens candidate Stein support rate of 2%. From the voters of the candidate’s enthusiasm, 53% of the voters said to have a strong passion for Trump, 45% of the voters on Hillary held the same view. By the FBI to restart the “mail door” survey, the recent voter’s enthusiasm for Hillary down 7 percentage points.

Most US media believe that 1% of the leading edge of the polls in the error range, the symbolic significance is far greater than the practical significance. Moreover, since there are still seven days from the polling day, polling at this time may not accurately reflect the reality of voting results. For example, during the 2004 and 2012 presidential elections, Democratic presidential candidate John Kerry and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney were both leading the polls the week before the election, but all lost in the election.

According to the US RCP Web site published the results of the polls, the current Hillary lead Trump 2 percentage points. Although the two support rate gap in the United States has narrowed, but a number of institutional analysis, Hillary won the vote in the vote there is still a big advantage. Moody’s announcement of the general election forecast model shows that Hillary is expected to win more than 330 electoral votes, beat Trump, President Barack Obama’s high support and oil prices hovering and other factors will help her in the White House .

This week, Hillary and Trump are a lot of resources are concentrated in swing states such as Florida, two people in the state’s support rate is comparable, are trying to encourage voters to vote. Since the number of Republican voters in Florida who had completed the advance vote so far was slightly higher than the number of Democratic voters and the black voter turnout rate was significantly lower than the 2012 election period, Obama and Vice President Joe Biden would go to Florida to help Sheila In the election. In addition to Florida, Trump will also be in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin launched a number of campaign activities to encourage blue-collar workers and other lower class voting.

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