Park Jin-hui “girlfriends door” Doubt: mysterious cow bone soup is Cui Shun real secret?

(Original title: Park Jin-hui “Gui honey door” Doubt: mysterious cattle bone soup is Cui Shun real signal?)

Cui Shunshi dinner: a bowl of bone soup caused by thinking (Source: Central Daily News)

Nov. 2, local time on November 1, South Korea prosecution sources said the suspect Cui Shun real denial of all complaints. Not only that, in the prosecution investigation, Cui Shun a move, making Park Jin-hui “trusted door” re-ignite the anger of the Korean people at the same time, as “confusing” event re-imagination.

According to South Korea’s Central Daily News, the South Korean prosecutors on October 31, Cui Shishi implemented an emergency arrest, in the course of the investigation, Cui Shun real requirements point a fine boiled beef soup take-away as a dinner, and “poor physical and mental state “The state will eat naked.

The news came out, once again aroused great dissatisfaction with the Korean people, South Korean people have questioned the duties, said, “netizens can eat dinner?” Netizens on the bowl “fine boil soup” for cattle Depth analysis and conjecture: “The dinner menu is only a cover, the real purpose is to inform the outside world to investigate the situation.”

Instant, “eat beef bone soup if the dinner is on the 1st operations, noodles, then the words are on the 2nd battle,” “cattle bone soup on behalf of witnesses and evidence”, “all eat evidence that has been based on perfect destruction” Bone soup secret “speculation spread rapidly on the network.

However, according to judicial sources, Cui Shunshi has been in the presence of lawyers under investigation, through the dinner menu to convey the possibility of information is very small.

In this regard, there are still people said that the recent series of conditions that make them feel that this can only be seen in the film the plot is not entirely impossible.

In addition, it was also reported that in Cui Shunshi survey, the Seoul area in front of each cattle soup hotel is an endless stream. Reporters on-site visits found that people everywhere can hear people “cronies” incident discussion. “Today ‘s guests are 30% more than usual,” said the owner of a beef soup restaurant in Yeouido.

It is noteworthy that the opposition party members and members of the Democratic Party to patronize the same cattle soup shop.

Members of the Democratic Party’s Office explained: “eat beef soup is not a deliberate trip, but the cold weather, we all want to eat warm-up meals, and eat when they joke about Cui Shun Shi Yesterday is not also eat cattle Bone soup. “

This bowl of “fine boil beef soup” all kinds of conjecture will become a reality? Become widespread speculation.

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