Japanese zoo to the twin giant panda baby weighing sprout people

(Original title: Japanese zoo to the twin giant panda baby weighing sprouting people)

November 1 each year is Japan’s “Metrology Day”, to this end, the country’s Wakayama County, a zoo show the same day for September 18 this year, was born on September 18 this year, Of female pandas weighing the weight of the process.

According to the park side, the only baby panda by his mother “good foreshore” breastfeeding, is thrive. Its hair has long Qi, black and white two distinct, has begun to practice crawling. The weighing result is 2080 grams, about 10 times at birth, body length was 46 cm.

When the breeder holding baby panda appears, the visitors broke out a burst of “cute” cheers. At present, the zoo is for its name.

It is reported that the weighing display will be implemented at 9:45 local time every day, with 10 minutes, to the end of the month on the 3rd.

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