In the wealthy to help the Philippine drug addiction treatment by Duttle called “a symbol of Sino-Philippine relations”

(Former title: British media: Secret relationship between China and the Philippines in the wealthy and drug treatment center)

PHILIPPINES President Rodrigo Duttlet met with a Chinese entrepreneur who played an important role in promoting Sino-Philippine relations during his visit to China last month.

Huang Ruluo, the self-made Chinese wealthy business for the Philippines funded the two drug rehabilitation center, Dutt Tert is called “a symbol of bilateral relations.”

Golden Resources Group official website, said Huang was born on the coast of Fujian, a poor family, the 20th century, 80 years, Huang is a small businessman in the Philippines. Before returning to China to establish the century source group, worked in Chinatown in Manila worked hard for 5 years. Huang has a “strong emotional connection” to the Philippines.

From the company’s official website we can see, Century Golden Resources Group has 20,000 employees last year, nearly 50 billion US dollars turnover. The company has invested in the construction of 20 five-star hotels and 10 shopping centers, including Beijing’s Golden Resources Shopping Center.

According to an understanding of the sources such as yellow theory, Huang is relatively low-key.

After meeting with Huang, Duttle said that the meeting with Huang Ru made the trip to China “more complete.” The Chinese company said in the official website, Duttle also said in the Philippines, “need a friend like Huang.”

For the Filipino leader, Huang, who was funding the establishment of drug rehabilitation centers, contrasted sharply with the United States and other Western countries in criticizing Dutt’s campaign against drugs. Currently, there are 700,000 drug users registered in the Philippines, but the country has limited access to treatment equipment. Mr Wong said he would donate to the Philippines a large-scale drug treatment center for 10,000 drug addicts. “Drugs have always been a global public hazard,” he said in an e-mail to Reuters. “They can harm human health and undermine social order.”

Huang has been one of China’s top six philanthropists since the Hurun Report in 2012, and donated about $ 125 million in 2015. From Hoogewerf, the money was donated to education, infrastructure and social welfare programs.

“Huang is helping the Philippines in good faith,” said Paulyn Jean Rosell-Ubial, assistant to the Philippine Health Department, in an interview with Reuters.

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