“Confidant interference” endless waves of Korean government and government bickering

(Original title: “trusted door” endless waves of contrarian Korean government and government)

BEIJING, November 2 (Xinhuanet) – South Korea’s political parties continue to argue on November 1 with the death of President Kim Sung-hyun’s “cronyism”, and it is difficult to reach an agreement.

Many political analysts expressed concern that not only the ruling party and opposition parties there are many disputes, opposition parties there are more internal differences. Some people called for now should focus on maintaining the functioning of national politics, to avoid affecting the internal and external diplomacy.

A number of political analysts on November 1 told Yonhap news agency, on how to deal with Park Kyu-hyun trusted Cui Shun-real political interference and through two fund-raising scams, the ruling and opposition parties still failed to reach an agreement.

South Korea’s ruling National Party is still pushing for a complete reorganization of the Cabinet, hoping to appoint the ruling party and the opposition parties are recognized cabinet candidates to quell the public’s “trusted gate” scandal of anger.

Opposition parties believe that it is necessary to thoroughly investigate Cui Shunshi incident, before discussing the reorganization of cabinet matters, and stressed that the cabinet should not be under the guise of the transfer of public view, evading the responsibility of the case.

In addition, the two sides of the ruling and opposition parties Cui Shun real case of the specific methods of investigation are also controversial.

The ruling party believes that the current special prosecutor system sufficient to meet the investigation of the case. Opposition parties advocated the adoption of a new bill, other means to conduct a thorough investigation of the case in order to avoid the investigation team composed of Park Ji-hui, and then affect the credibility of the investigation.

As the main parties continue to quarrel, the South Korean National Assembly held on October 31 consultations without result. At that time, the New National Party whip disappointed departure, the opposition camp to block the resignation of the Cabinet expressed dissatisfaction.

November 1, the Common Democrats, the National Party, the Justice Party and other opposition parties after the meeting, said that a new bill should be passed on Cui Shun real case to carry out an audit and special investigations. The above-mentioned opposition party also advocated severance of multiple projects of financial allocation, on the grounds that these projects and Cui Shun real involvement.

“The new National Party must agree to an audit and a special investigation,” said Chidong Min, a spokesman for the CDP. “Given the seriousness of the matter and to prove its sincerity, the new National Party should accept these proposals.

The three opposition parties called Park Geun-hye to “cooperate in good faith”.

However, the opposition camp there are many differences within. For example, the potential for the reorganization of the Cabinet, the Weak National Party and the largest opposition party, the Democratic Party’s views are inconsistent.

Some people worry that, with the “trusted door” turmoil continued to ferment, Korea’s internal and external diplomacy will be affected.

The new Nationalists complained that the opposition party had changed its mind after the proposal of the former Democratic Party first proposed a cabinet reshuffle, while the ruling party accepted the offer.

The ruling party has accepted most of the proposals made by opposition parties, including the launching of special investigations, the reorganization of the presidential palace, the reshuffling of the cabinet, but opposition parties have sprung up new objections, the new party leader Kim Woo-sung said.

According to Kim Woo-sing, the opposition camp should focus on how to ensure the normal operation of the country, and the ruling party should strengthen self-examination.

South Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Junhe said in a routine briefing on November 1, the South Korean Foreign Ministry issued a circular to all embassies the day before, asked the embassy to the national government to “actively convey” the South Korean government’s key policy is not disturbed Information, hope that countries do not on the Korean economic situation and foreign security policy concerns.

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