British Foreign Secretary was banned from riding to work to prevent terrorists from eyeing

(Former title: British Foreign Secretary was banned from riding a bike to work, the police worried about its being terrorists eyeing)

British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson is banned from working on bicycles because of fears that he may become a target for terrorists, the Daily Mail reported on Nov. 1.

The newspaper said, “not long ago moved from East London to Buckingham Palace near the private house of Johnson is a famous cycling enthusiasts, he believes that riding a bicycle can ease the traffic congestion in London. As former mayor of London, Johnson’s habit of cycling to work every day is well known in London.

However, after Johnson was appointed Foreign Secretary in July, the police believe that “he is high, it would be too dangerous.”

Johnson, a friend of the “Sun”, said Johnson was very upset about the ban. The friend said, “Johnson likes to ride, when the mayor has become accustomed to when he was told not to do so, he felt very depressed.

Johnson also admitted that if the bike to work, it is easy to be identified targets.

Now, Johnson had to use the official car.

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