400 well-known economists published an open letter: call for election Trump

(Original title: 400 well-known economists published an open letter called for election Trump)

Nearly 400 economists, including Nobel laureate Oliver Hart, this year, issued an open letter criticizing the US Republican presidential candidate Trump.

“If elected, Trump will pose a particular threat to US democracy, the functioning of US economic institutions and the prosperity of the United States,” the economists said in an open letter.

Although they said voters should choose “a different candidate,” but these economists did not directly express support for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

The economists include Harvard University professor Oliver Hart, who recently won the Nobel Prize in economics, and Paul Romer, chief economist at the World Bank.

These economists point out:

Trump in Ohio, Michigan and other states to mislead the voters. He said renegotiating the NAFTA trade agreement would increase manufacturing jobs. Economists say the loss of manufacturing jobs is due to automation rather than trade.

Trump said he would eliminate the budget deficit. However, economists point out that his tax plan will make the US tax revenue fell 2.6 trillion to 5.9 trillion US dollars.

Trump said the US manufacturing industry is declining. However, economists point out that US manufacturing output has doubled since 1980.

“Trump is a dangerous and destructive option for the US,” the economist said in a letter. “He misled voters, used conspiracy theories to reduce the credibility of public institutions and deliberately spread rumors rather than face reality.”

On Monday, 19 Nobel economists, including Joseph Stiglitz and Daniel Kahneman, published another open letter expressing their support for Hillary Clinton.

However, in September this year, more than 300 conservative economists in an open letter criticized Hillary’s economic policy.

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