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Japanese media: the US-ROK Build sanctions against the DPRK bounding To convince China to join

(Former title: Japanese media: Japan and the United States and South Korea to build sanctions against the network to persuade China to join) Japan, the United States and South Korea by the heads of states to participate in the United Nations General Assembly of the machine, to intensify the implementation of the nuclear test of […]

Indonesia’s West Java province torrential landslide 23 people were killed and 27 people were injured

(Original title: Indonesia’s West Java province of flash floods and landslides have caused 23 deaths and 27 injured) China news agency, Jakarta, September 22 – Indonesia’s West Java province, police public relations officer, said Yusri Yunus, 22, 21 in the province due to flash floods and landslides triggered by heavy rains has killed 23 people […]

China’s foreign investment in the world’s first 2 local enterprises into the main force of investment

(Original title: China’s foreign investment for the first time ranked the world’s second investment in local enterprises as the main force) By 2015, China’s foreign direct investment hit a record high of $ 145.67 billion, accounting for 9.9% share of global traffic, the amount after the United States, ranked second in the world for the […]

France University Faculty of Medicine building a fire forced the evacuation of nearly 2,000 people

(Former title: France a university medical department building fire nearly 2,000 people were forced to evacuate) 22, according to foreign media reports, local time on the morning of 22, Clermont-Ferrand, France, a university medical department building fire, nearly 2,000 college students and staff emergency evacuation. Reported that the sixth floor of the school building smoke […]

The United Nations Resumes the Delivery of Humanitarian Relief Supplies to Syria

(Original title: UN to restore the delivery of humanitarian aid to Syria) China news agency, Beijing, September 22 – GENEVA: United Nations humanitarian relief agencies Local 21 issued a statement, announced the resumption of humanitarian aid supplies to Syria. The United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs said in a statement, “and ready […]

British media: British residents of the terracotta warriors and horses replica of the door was stolen during the day

(Original title: British media: Terracotta British resident copy swing door during the day thief was taken away) According to the British “Daily Mail” September 20 reported that recently, West Yorkshire, UK with a theft has occurred, three thieves actually in broad daylight in front of the households terracotta replicas stolen. Currently, the theft is still […]

Paris agreement or the year comes into force 60 countries approved the global emissions accounted for 48%

(Original title: Paris Agreement is expected to take effect during the year, has been approved by 60 countries accounted for 48% of total global emissions) Surging from NDRC website news has learned that there are 60 countries ratify the “Paris Agreement”, accounting for about 48% of total global emissions. Another accounting for 12.58% of total […]

A US attack aircraft in Okinawa, Japan received a search and rescue request

(The original title: a US attack aircraft in Okinawa, Japan received a search and rescue request) According to the Japanese Okinawa local media, “Ryukyu Shinbun” reported on September 22, an AV8B Harrier fighter in the eastern waters of Okinawa fall. On board personnel safe, the Japanese side is rescue. Japan’s NHK news network reported that […]

South African Paralympic athlete for carrying prosthetic aggrieved Airlines

(Original title: South African Paralympic Games bronze medal because players are South African Airways carries prosthetic rejection) International online news: South African Airways, South Africa from 21 to Paralympic athletes Tyrone Pillay apology, because just as South Africa won the bronze medal at the Rio Paralympic athletes but was shot while returning home in the […]

A black man in the United States shot dead by police shot video police officers were investigated

(Original title: Video | Ohio United States a black video shot by the police announcement, shot police investigation) According to the Wall Street Journal, September 19, the United States released a police car by a police helicopter camera and photographed law enforcement video, video is recorded on Friday in the US state of Oklahoma, a […]

Yemen conflict two sides battle 17 people were killed in coalition air strikes caused 19 dead in Yemen

(Original title: Yemen, the two sides fought fierce battle 17 people were killed in coalition air strikes Yemen to 19 people died) China news agency, Beijing, September 22 (Xinhua) Comprehensive News: Yemen conflict both sides 21 local time outbreak of fierce fighting, resulting in at least 17 people were killed. Saudi Arabia-led multi-national coalition forces […]

Germany formally apply UN Security Council non-permanent seats

(Former title: Germany formally applied for the United Nations Security Council non-permanent seats) BEIJING, Sept. 22, according to Russian satellite network reported on the 22nd, German Foreign Minister Steinmeier said that the country hopes to receive the 2019-2020 annual UN Security Council non-permanent seats. He pointed out that the United Nations could respond to global […]

Earth’s warming trend accelerated in August this year was the hottest month in 130 years

(The original title: global warming trend accelerated in August this year for 130 years the hottest month) WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Earth’s warming has been accelerating for 16 months, with temperatures rising more than the average of the previous century, with August becoming the hottest part of more than 130 years, according to Radio France International […]

West Indonesia torrential rain triggered landslides caused by the death of 26 people 19 missing

(Original title: Western Indonesia landslide triggered by heavy rains caused flash floods 26 people were killed and 19 people missing) According to foreign media reports, Indonesian officials said 22 local time, the country’s West Java province, after heavy rain triggered flash floods and landslides, has caused 26 people were killed and 19 were missing. Indonesia’s […]

Japan, a tram driver work suddenly jumped from the viaduct causing serious injury

(Original title: a Japanese tram driver suddenly jumped from the 7-meter viaduct to serious injuries) According to Japan NHK television reported on September 21, 21 am in Osaka, Japan, Kintetsu a platform, a driver suddenly took off his uniform from the 7-meter-high viaduct jumped, was taken to hospital. Before the incident because of the delayed […]

Canadian police received an anonymous bomb threat evacuation of 60 school students

(Original title: Canadian police received anonymous bomb threat to 60 schools to evacuate students) French International Radio said on September 21, according to Agence France-Presse news agency, said the Canadian police, based on the possible threat of uncertainty, local time on September 21, the eastern part of the country about 60 schools and universities evacuated. […]