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Turkish police arrest 22 suspects airport attack

(Original title: Turkish police arrested 22 suspects airport attack) Xinhua News Agency, Istanbul, June 30 – Turkish police 30 days to take action to arrest Istanbul airport bombing attacks of 22 suspects. According to soil Interior Ministry, at present, Turkish police have determined the identity of one of the attackers, the evidence gathered indicates that […]

MAS appoints new CEO Miller, who substituted the original desire any to September

(Original title: MAS Appoints New Chief Executive Officer) Xinhua News Agency, Kuala Lumpur, June 30 – Malaysia Airlines 30 announced that the current chief operating officer Peter Bellew will serve as CEO and managing director, announced his resignation before replace Miller. MAS said in a statement that Bellew will officially take office July 1, marking […]

Turkish officials: terrorist attack suspects from E Wuji IS leaders involved in planning

(Original title: Turkish officials: terrorist attack suspects from Russia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, IS leaders involved in planning) According to the US Cable News Network (CNN) reported June 30, Turkish officials said there is strong evidence that, on the 28th night occurred in Istanbul Atatürk International Airport suicide bomb attack suspects from the extremist terrorist organizations “Islamic […]

At 19:30 on June 30th 5.8 earthquake occurred in Vanuatu

(Original title: at 19:30 on June 30th 5.8 earthquake occurred in Vanuatu) According to the China earthquake measuring, Beijing time in Vanuatu (16.09 degrees south latitude, 167.42 degrees east longitude) 5.8 earthquake occurred, focal depth of 40 kilometers. Original link:

Commission Chairman Kim Jong-un reappointment of State media: 9 title already collect

(Original title: chairman of the State Committee for another term, why Kim Jong-un to collect nine titles?) North Korean leader Kim Jong-un double Cheese Li recently more than a title! Yesterday, North Korea held the fourth meeting of the 13th Supreme People’s Assembly in Pyongyang, Kim Jong-un has been hailed as the newly established “chairman […]

Chinese girl won the Danish islands of Zealand college entrance exam: Happy learning is important

(Original title: Chinese female school now Denmark entrance Pa: Happy learning is very important) He went to the graduation year quarter. Copenhagen city center recently everywhere by pickup truck parade through the entrance of the students. 18-year-old Danish female Chinese Meng Sang Woo also participate in this year’s Tour graduates street carnival in one, she […]

Former British London Mayor Johnson announced that it would not run for the Conservative Party leader

(Original title: Former British London Mayor Johnson announced that it would not run for the Conservative Party leader) The BBC website reported June 30, the British former Mayor of London Boris Johnson announced will not participate in the election of the Conservative Party leader, and missed the Premiership. Original link:

US media: Chinese man was sentenced in the United States on suspicion of smuggling arms to China

(Original title: US media: a Chinese man was sentenced in the United States to China on suspicion of smuggling military weapons) [Global Network reported] According to the US “Washington Post” on June 30 reported that a Chinese man on suspicion of smuggling military weapons to China in the United States was sentenced to 30 months. […]

Turkey called the arrest of nine people suspected of “Islamic State” to provide support

(Original title: Turkey called the arrest of nine people suspected of providing support to the “Islamic State”) BEIJING, June 30, according to foreign media reports, the Turkish police held raids, arresting nine suspected “Islamic State” support staff. It reported that the police action in Istanbul, Izmir and its suburbs expand, hundreds of police officers to […]

Foreign media: investigators have successfully obtained the flight data AirAsia plane crash

(Original title: British media: investigators have successfully acquired the Egypt Air plane crash flight data (Fig.)) British media said the Egyptian aviation difficult Investigation Committee 29, said investigators from the accident, the flight number of the flight MS804 “Preliminary information to display flight data recorder records the complete flight data,” Egypt crash investigation committee said […]

Brazil’s Rousseff determine whether the impeachment vote time: before the end of the Olympic Games

(Original title: set whether the Brazilian Senate impeachment vote Rousseff final time: just before the Olympics) According to the Russian satellite network June 30 reported that the Brazilian Senate President Renan Kalieluosi said the Senate is scheduled to August 20 on whether to impeach President Dilma Rousseff held a final vote. In mid-May this year, […]

Australia China rich students by purchasing a monthly income of over a million Australian dollars

(Original title: Australia and China to get rich by purchasing student monthly income of over million dollars) According to Australian news report, Australian overseas purchasing tide fiery hard back, Chinese students in Australia by purchasing, monthly income can reach tens of thousands of Australian dollars. Recently, two Chinese studying in Australia about purchasing their purchasing […]

Britain missed the first EU summit media conference room empty

(Original title: Britain 40 years in absentia for the first time the EU summit media conference room empty (Photo)) Local time on June 29, 2016, Brussels, Belgium, British media empty conference room. UK referendum decision “off Europe”, the EU summit on the 29th to continue in the absence of participation of the United Kingdom, which […]

Ultra 1/3 alive Laureates requirements Greenpeace stops against genetically modified

(Original title: Ultra-third of the living Nobel laureate joint request to stop Greenpeace against transgenic) Greenpeace continues to face opposition to genetically modified confuse scientists intolerable, and finally jointly wrote an open letter. Open letter requested Greenpeace (Greenpeace) is stopped against the transgenic tissue. Currently, about one-third of all living Nobel laureates signed a petition […]