Monthly Archives: March 2016

Japanese astronomical satellite “pupil” communication break or suspected damage dash space junk

Global Network roundup, according to Japan’s “Tokyo Shimbun” reported on March 29, the Japanese x-ray astronomy satellite was launched in February, “pupil” at present communication is interrupted, unable to confirm the status of the satellite. US Department of Defense said in the vicinity of the satellite orbit found some objects, satellites may be damaged. Experts […]

A president of the United States and ten million US dollars donation is eligible for suspected fraud faces 40 years in prison

According to foreign media reports, the executive director of the New York Wall Street, a company suspected fraud of $ 25 million charitable fund money at Local 28 in New York indicted prosecutors. It reported that the indictment stated Andrew Hahn White became a partner in a financial services group of companies since 2013. There […]

Park Geun-hye write a letter to encourage the soldiers: drum-like state of readiness would Korea be afraid

World Wide Web Roundup According to Yonhap reported March 28, South Korean President Park Geun-hye, South Korean soldiers on the 28th to write letter of encouragement, said South Korean military drum general state of readiness would Korea be afraid. Park Geun-hye said in the letter, from the new year due to the success of North […]

Chloried: Brazil is facing the disintegration of the coalition government committee planning to impeach the president

Web Radio France International reported March 28 reported that Brazil’s political crisis continues to ferment, the country’s congressional committees are planning to start impeachment proceedings against President Rousseff. At the same time, Rousseff’s coalition government this week, there is a danger of collapse. According to AFP, Rosoff of impeachment based on allegations that she run […]

British media: Abe once again delay the adjustment of consumption tax and an early election

Web reports, according to Reuters March 28 reported that by the end of 2014, when Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe Jinsan Yan late unpopular consumption tax hike time, and announced early elections, voters and the market by surprise. And not to two years later now, if Abe “old play again”, will be surprising. Japan’s economy […]

Japan refused to cancel his visit to Russia the Western alliance and Russia sanctions or “loose”

According to Japan’s Kyodo News reported February 24, more than Russia relations sources said US President Barack Obama to dissuade Abe’s visit to Russia in May to abandon plans earlier this month to Japan-US summit call. However, Abe refused to cancel a clear plan, they did not reach a consensus. Why the US fears, strongly […]

Yoshihide Suga date back to the British Trump allow possession of nuclear theory: three non-nuclear principles unchanged

Japanese Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga March 28 at a press conference that Japan will continue to adhere to its non-nuclear principles. The Associated Press reported that Yoshihide Suga’s position is clearly against the US Republican presidential candidate Trump some remarks a few days ago. Earlier, Trump 26 to accept the “New York Times” interview, […]

French media: United Nations Mission in the Central African peacekeepers again involving sexual assault, including minors

Web reports, according to the French “Le Monde” March 28 quoted the AFP, the United Nations March 28 revealed that United Nations Mission in the Central African peacekeeping force involving 2 new cases of sexual assault incidents in which the victim is a minor incident girl. According to reports, since the first sexual assault incidents […]

The Enterprise Association 6,000 employees to Korea to open the history of Korea’s largest chicken beer party

28 pm, in Incheon Wolmido Culture Street, thousands of employees of a company together to eat fried chicken and drink beer. March 28 afternoon, the South Korean city of Incheon District Wolmido Culture Street float rich chicken flavor, more than 600 meters long road filled with white table, the table was fried chicken standard – […]

New Zealand Chinese students attacked bursts of events: first robbed and then beaten

BEIJING, March 29, according to New Zealand’s day-dimensional network of comprehensive reports, recently, two bursts of Auckland, New Zealand Students Attack. March 22 evening 8:30, two student at the University of Auckland Chinese female student Andy and little wind (a pseudonym) the end of the school activities, walking on the way home. They were walking […]