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Japan personalized custom hamburger pickles clip 718 is longer than the height of the face

Taiwan media said Japan Burger King have items personalized service, guests can customize their own special burger. Local network media “RocketNews24” to play a super experimental spirit, point sandwiching a 718 pickled cucumber taste, but the store really meet them, I saw the burgers are filled with pickles, height longer than a man’s face . […]

Female foreigner Shanghai subway fare evasion was arrested and fined 84 yuan was educated

According to the Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd. operations management center official micro letter “Shanghai Metro shmetro” February 29 news: February 28 afternoon, Shanghai Line 1 South Shaanxi Road Station, a foreign passenger gates drilled by law enforcement team on the spot captured. In the enthusiastic passengers volunteer translators, law enforcement team of the […]

Mr Han resistive bill broke the record by 57 hours of continuous speech

February 27, the face of empty conference hall, co Democrats Jung Cheong-rae endlessly speech. Speaker of the House process to prevent anti-terrorism bill, Korea’s largest opposition Democratic Party in Congress together filibusters. This marathon obstruct action has entered the seventh day, breaking the 2011 New Democratic Party of Canada 57 hours record. Also known as […]

“Earth’s most beautiful beach” by four million people to raise funds to buy from developers destroy

[World Wide Web Roundup] According to Taiwan, “BBC News,” February 29 reported that the “Earth’s most beautiful beaches,” said the South Island of New Zealand Ava Koloa (Awaroa) private beach has recently been sold to the public, in order to keep the natural beauty development was destroyed, the local priest Major initiated fund raising activities, […]

Indonesia shut down the capital’s largest red-light district 600 houses were razed (FIG)

Local time on February 29, Jakarta, Indonesia, the biggest “red light district” has been razed to the ground, about 600 houses were destroyed and excavators, the government plans to build a park on the site. This article Source: China News Network                      Editor: Liu Beibei _NN2485 Original link:

Europe Greece refugees stranded implement border controls to fight lying on rails

BEIJING, February 29 Xinhua, “Central News Agency” reports, just as Greece warned Europe not to let the occasion of Greece into chaos, Greece broke out in the northern border region lying on rails refugees protest, desperate refugees with children lying on the tracks, so that the requirements of they continued the journey. As the refugee […]

Japanese media: Chinese tourists to take police officers were arrested on suspicion of hit Japan

Japanese media said Japan’s Fukuoka Prefecture Kasuya Police Station 28 in order to impede the execution of official suspicion, arrested the man on the spot after hearing the news of police rushed to the restaurant to resolve disputes violence Wang Zhonghai (48 years, claiming to be workers, who lives in Fukuoka Hakata Area). Police said, […]

Hanil industrial park construction site protection Wall fell three workers were buried

[World Wide Web Roundup] According to South Korean news agency news1 February 29 reported that at 9:28 on the 29th Xu, South Gyeongsang Province Gimhae an industrial park construction site protection wall collapsed, causing three workers were buried. According to the local fire department, within the industrial park collapsed protective walls 10 meters long and […]

Foreign media: Melbourne increasingly rampant phenomenon of base rent of 18 people live in a crowded apartment

BEIJING, February 29 Xinhua, “the Australian” reported that in recent years, Melbourne base rent phenomenon seems to have become increasingly rampant, especially in some high-rise apartment, renting has become such a popular group optionally. In many cases, tenants a base rent of apartments can reach more than a dozen people, most of them some of […]

US 87-year-old man after driving hit a tree hanging tree four hours when aircraft turn rescued

When the plane flew to Pennsylvania near Gettysburg Regional Airport, the old man tried to steering the aircraft out of control, crashed into a tree. Screenshots Before the old man was rescued, the aircraft hung between trees 15 meters up to 4 hours. (Screenshots) Before the old man was rescued, the aircraft hung between trees […]

Leonardo’s first Oscar winner: winning the prize granted non

BEIJING, Feb. 29, according to foreign media reports, the 88th Academy Awards held today in the United States. This year’s winner of the popular candidate Leonardo DiCaprio with “Wilderness Hunter” won the best actor award. Previously, Leonardo DiCaprio by successive rans, so a large number of friends address him distressed. Best Male main awards presented […]

US media: Russia invited China to develop the North Pole is called “preferred” partner

US media said Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin, said he plans to invite Chinese officials to meet in the Arctic. Rogozin responsible for the development of the Russian military, aerospace, and the Arctic. Russia hopes China can invest in added Arctic waterway development. Rogozin tries to use the Arctic waterway transport have various commercial […]

Leonardo rans Best Actor Oscar in 22 years (Figure)

[Congratulations Survival Song rans 22 years, today finally hold statuette] 88th Academy Awards on February 28, US time (GMT 29) held at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, Leonardo with “Wilderness Hunter “get the winner! Li finally stem the years past it! congratulations! News that Leonardo DiCaprio with “Wilderness Hunter” won the Oscar for best actor. […]

Students in the United States and North Korea admitted stealing political slogans attempted “hostile act”

US Cable News Network (CNN) February 29 broadcast of North American students arrested plea screen. It reported that the name of the University of Virginia students in the United States after being arrested two months, for the first time allowed the sound to the outside world, that their “hostile act” guilty. CNN quoted an understanding […]