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Syrian capital of Muslim residential area occurred two explosions over 30 deaths

Xinhua News Agency News: Syrian Interior Ministry said 31, the Syrian capital Damascus, a Shiite Muslim residential area two explosions occurred the same day, killing at least 30 people were killed and 40 others injured. This article Source: Xinhua                      Editor: Wang Tzu-yu _NN4690 Original link:

US Lieutenant Governor candidate Yanzheng Gang: CCTV anchor experience is a plus item

January 22, on the microblogging officially announced his campaign for lieutenant governor of Washington state, including the @ Kai-fu Lee, including a few big V, and posted his election manifesto in English. Since Yanzheng Gang fans much, this microblogging after his colleague CCTV reporter photographed North America sub-station chief crown forwards widely disseminated. This one-page […]

Foreign media: Australian warships into the United States and alerted in advance in the construction of the island 12 sea miles issue

[World Wide Web Roundup] January 30, the US guided missile destroyer “Curtis Wilbur” was the name of “freedom of navigation” banner into China Triton Island Paracel within 12 nautical miles. Chinese Morijima troops and sea ships machine immediately take corrective action, the US warship immediately be warned expelled. And in the day, Australia, “Sydney Morning […]

Arabic Korean airport now threatening note police fingerprint tracing

BEIJING, Jan. 31, according to South Korean media reports, South Korean Incheon International Airport suspected explosives toilets appear in the 29th and Arabic writing threatening note, police at the scene found attached butane gas, etc. and fruit boxes and 19 samples were analyzed fingerprints, tracing suspects. It reported that the incident, Incheon International Airport Police […]

Saudi Prince in the United States refused to hire women drivers Pi Panpei $ 130,000

BEIJING, Jan. 31, according to Taiwan, “Central News Agency” reports, the Saudi Arabian prince who had been to the United States in 2010 for treatment, hiring 40 drivers responsible for transportation. But three women drivers refused to take their complaints Prince’s car, covering gender discrimination and harm the right to work, awarded about $ 130,000 […]

The United States has exposure to Japan will consult Diaoyu Islands “nationalization” of the former and China

[World Wide Web Roundup] Japan’s Kyodo News disclosed on January 30, the Japanese government in 2012 to the eve of the Diaoyu Islands illegal “nationalization”, when the United States Assistant Secretary of State for Asian and Pacific affairs Campbell had asked the Japanese side repeated prior consultations with China. Former US Secretary of State Hillary […]

Foreign media: US military research and development of new top-secret bomber in Salt Lake City (map)

The latest advanced warplanes of the US military strategy will be developed in Salt Lake City. Northrop – Grumman will develop and manufacture a number of long-range attack bomber, the Air Force active duty to replace the old models. Air Force chose the Northrop – Grumman to implement the $ 32 billion project to develop […]

Burma’s largest airport for the construction of the Japanese-funded by the Japan and Singapore as the largest shareholder

According to Channel NewsAsia consortium Jan. 30 message, one by the Japanese company JGC Corporation (JGC), Singapore Yongnam (Yongnam Holdings), and Singapore’s Changi International Airport (Changi Airports) consisting of 30 civil aviation sector with Myanmar (DCA) signed a relevant hanthawaddy international airport (Hanthawaddy International Airport) in the framework agreement, the signing of the agreement marks […]

Condemns Russian warplanes violated Turkish airspace in the Russo-Turkish soil again war of words

NATO Secretary-General Stoltenberg said in a statement on the 30th, a Russian warplanes violated Turkish airspace in the 29th, and called on both sides to strengthen communication Russia and Turkey, to remain calm and avoid escalation. Turkish Foreign Ministry said in a statement on the 30th, the evening of 29 soil Foreign Ministry summoned the […]

Foreign media: Russians raped the girl said was proven not true refugees

January 29 Reuters reported that German prosecutors, 29, said police said they had proof of a Russian-born girl from the poor outskirts of Berlin claiming to have been abducted and raped by immigration argument is false. Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov this week German police handling these cases since the commencement of the criticism, accusing […]

Part of Japan’s special search Amari bribery case investigation

BEIJING, Jan. 31, according to Singapore’s “Lianhe Zaobao,” 31 reported, according to the latest news shows, Japanese politicians and government officials responsible for corruption cases in the Tokyo District Public Prosecutor’s special investigation headquarters search has begun for just resign Economy and Finance Minister Akira Amari in the bribery case investigation. It reported that the […]

Merkel: After the war refugees must return home

January 30, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stand on the refugee issue, claiming refugee after the war to return to their own country. China News Network January 31, according to Reuters reports, January 30, German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the refugee problem statement, requirements war in Syria and Iraq, after the end of the conflict, refugees […]

Exposure Yui Hatano NG movie fans shy hide his face like “cute” (Figure)

Popular Japanese AV Actress Yui Hatano looks excited because like Lin Chi-ling, Taiwan’s fans are called “Dark Zhiling.” Has a high popularity in Taiwan, she launched the commemorative bus card in addition to, but also to Taiwan endorsements Games. Japanese adult sites exposure Yui Hatano the NG fragment will share out the other side of […]

Swedish capital train station now hundreds of masked men in black attacked refugee

China News Network January 31 January 25 electricity, Molndal town in southwestern port city of Gothenburg in Sweden under the jurisdiction of the occurrence of murder, 22-year-old female staff member of a refugee reception center at Alexandra Mei Zier A 15-year-old boy was stabbed to death the refugees. Sweden matter shocked the country, some people […]

EU officials: Cologne sexual assault case and not directly related to the refugee problem

BEIJING, Jan. 31, according to foreign media reports, hundreds of Cologne, Germany, New Year’s Eve refugee women were suspected sexual assault cases, lead to negative noise European society of refugees accommodated. However, according to documents obtained by the media show that the EU’s executive Commission officials believe that the matter is not related with the […]