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German media : Chinese people travel abroad to spend money shot the most generous than Americans

Reference News Network July 25 Daily moral media said , in 2014 , global tourism spending totaled $ 1.245 trillion . Under the UN World Tourism Organization in Madrid , the worldwide visitors in 2014 spending on transportation, accommodation, dining, shopping , entertainment and other services increased by 4 percent from 2013 . 2013 , […]

Foreign media: foreigners buying property in Sydney bought a quarter of Chinese people

Reference News Network July 26 foreign media reported that Sydney skyscrapers shine like never before. According to Bloomberg website on July 22 reported that foreign investment office in Sydney a record amount of money. Currently Sydney City almost every building there is a five belong to foreigners. It is reported that China and the United […]

Foreign media: United States , said economic espionage , mainly from China surged 53%

Reference News Network July 25 foreign media reported that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) to China as the US company’s “main threat”, the council believes that Chinese economic espionage agents were investigating its surge 53% The main culprit. According to the British “Financial Times” Web site reported on July 24, FBI officials warned […]

WTO reached 18 years, the first large-scale tariff reduction agreement

Xinhua parties Geneva July 24 to participate in WTO electricity “Information Technology Agreement” (ITA) negotiations to expand around the 24th final agreement in Geneva, agreed to three years for a new generation of semiconductors, global positioning systems and other more than 200 the gradual elimination of tariffs on information technology products. WTO Director-General expressed Azevedo, […]

URGENT: the current President of Burundi Pierre Nkurunziza was re-elected president

Xinhua News: Burundi National Independent Electoral Commission announced on the 24th , incumbent President Nkurunziza with 69.41 percent of the vote re-elected president . ( Original title : incumbent President Pierre Nkurunziza of Burundi with 69.41 percent of the vote re-elected president ) Original link:

Kazakhstan volleyball girl as members of the National Women’s Committee

Related News: Kazakhstan women’s volleyball teammates complained beauty cited: Man fans not watching Eurasia Division of the Foreign Ministry official microblogging @ Eurasian landscape July 24 news release, Kazakhstan women’s volleyball player Sabine famous Al Teng Do Bokova has officially become a member of the National Policy Committee on Women Affairs and Family of the […]

Medvedev : Russia and China need each other, equality and mutual relations

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with Slovenia broadcast television interview, said, do not worry that Russia may be dependencies equality China, the two countries is not inclined to which party. Russia’s Itar-Tass news July 24, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev in an interview with Slovenia broadcast television interview, said, do not worry […]

Russian media said Russia and the US hypersonic weapons design from the Soviet Union

China is developing WU-14 hypersonic test machine, which draws in part on US hypersonic aircraft X-43, in fact, more precisely, research foundation WU-14 still was Soviet X-90. Reference News Network July 24 report “Russian newspaper” website on July 23 entitled “Together with hypersonic flight,” the article, authored by Sergei Cape Silajdzic gold, compiled as follows: […]

Foreign media: China gains the largest ever single arms sales

As early as April this year, Britain’s Financial Times quoted a retired senior official on the news that the contract is valued at 40-50 billion dollars. Pakistani sources said the Ministry of Finance, Pakistan will pay four times to China, the submarine will be delivered in the coming years. According to Pakistan Tribune News July […]

British media: the use of Sands Casino help CIA ” instigation” Chinese officials

Macau gaming business three US-funded enterprises, there are two closely related to foreign political activities, have involved in the US presidential election, political investment. Where a US-funded business owners had also closely linked with the CIA, the year when Bush became CIA director, on the use of its Las Vegas casinos set up a secret […]

Special Olympics athletes arrived in the United States and no one slept on the streets , pick the players reluctantly ( Figure)

Local time on July 22 morning, at the Los Angeles Special Olympics Welcome Center staff still gathered at least 10 delegations waiting for registration and transport connections . Several delegations have been arriving the night before the Special Olympics has so far not been able to reach accommodation. Many members of national delegations at the […]

Expert: US presidential election looked like a draft confusing

Nomination for the Republican candidate for the US real estate magnate Trump may continue to evolve remark. It’s a bit like the Chinese Internet sword pay big V, say extreme views, even dare speak with dirty, often gain more fans. Nomination for the Republican candidate for the US real estate magnate Trump may continue to […]

Globe : ” Should patriotic” some strange debate that ended

Indeed should be encouraged patriotic feelings, the more solid the more online this consensus, the fewer such conflicts Wendeng, even if it will not rush out of focus. Around “Should patriotic” strange debate that ended on the Internet. Weihai Wendeng 18-year-olds Houju Sen 22 conflicts with at least four young people occur, Houju Sen injured, […]