Monthly Archives: May 2015

World ‘s most expensive “Buffett lunch ” is about to start shooting a minimum $ 2,000,000 from

Opportunity CNR network Beijing May 31, according to Voice of China “news evening peak,” reported shareholders’ meeting earlier this month, Warren Buffett’s just snatched headlines for several days, and this time wanted to lunch with Buffett, face to face again came, of course, you have to prepare a lot of money, at least 200 million […]

Britain was one of thousands of caterpillars invaded homes residents were trapped at home

According to the British “Mirror” May 26 reported recently, the British East Sussex New Haven’s 50-year-old woman Haili Stevens home by a large number of caterpillar infestation throughout the caterpillars have led to her family suffered from severe skin rashes, and headaches and hay fever suffer torture. Haili suffering from asthma himself deeply difficult. Haili […]

Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili to any former governor of Odessa, Ukraine

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko on the 30th announced the appointment of former President Mikhail Saakashvili of Georgia Gov. Odessa . Although it is not fighting the Odessa Oblast Ukraine to the military and the rebels , but here ‘s pro-Russian and anti-Russian sentiment serious opposition . Saakashvili was born in Georgia , graduated from […]

Chinese woman to help hundreds of students a false way of marriage to immigrate to Canada

People May 31 electricity a Chinese woman named any Wei Canadian judge has been sentenced to “house arrest 729 days,” the punishment on the grounds that she was helped by the planning sham marriage service, more than 130 Chinese students to immigrate to Canada. Judge introduced Wei involvement of organized “fake marriage” campaign to immigrate […]

Korean Ministry of Health MERS patient apologized for mismanagement thanked the Chinese side to respond

BEIJING, May 31, according to Korean media reports, South Korean Ministry of Health and Welfare (MOH) Executive Wenheng pyo held a press conference, said the South Korean government did not the first case of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) and 31 patients in local time close contacts for proper management, which led to the […]

Permanent Representative of Japan the United Nations called ” permanent” duty of Japan

BEIJING, May 31, according to Japanese media reports, the United Nations Permanent Representative of Japan Yoshikawa Yuanwei 29 on the country seeking to become a permanent member of the UN Security Council has expressed, Japan budget is “prop up the second largest country in the United Nations” . Exposure to the Council the most important […]

Russian media : Russian military machine forcing the US destroyer left the eastern Black Sea region

BEIJING, May 31 (Xinhua) Russian satellite network 31, citing military said Crimea, the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, “Su-24” attack planes forced the US Navy “Ross” destroyer left the neutral waters of the eastern Black Sea. The reason why the Russian side to take such action because “Ross” No ship personnel “mischief behavior.” […]

Taiwan tender accidental disclosure of new Patriot missile base plan

According to Taiwan’s “United Evening News” reported that Taiwan will test Lake base Niaosong District and Renwu District at the junction of Kaohsiung, set up south of the first “Patriot” missile base, the design scale is enormous. BEIJING, May 31 electricity, according to Taiwan’s “United Evening News” reported that Taiwan will test Lake base in […]

Japan, South Korea and Japan agreed on the need to exercise collective self-defense in the Korean peninsula consent

This is the first time in South Korea and Japan four years, the two defense ministers met again four months, Park Geun-hye is the first meeting since the government in power. BEIJING, May 31 electricity, according to Korean media reports, South Korean Defense Ministry sources said on the 30th, in Singapore to attend Asian security […]

Zimei vice president of death due to brain cancer during his lifetime work long been engaged in a legal officer

China news agency, Washington, May 30 – US Vice President Joe Biden’s son Beau Biden (Beau Biden) 30 days should incurable brain death, only 46 years old. Biden said in a statement that night, Boyne heartbreaking news of the death of brain cancer, the language has been unable to express feelings of sadness entire family. […]