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Osaka Museum exhibits withdraw Japanese invasion triggered protests

Xinhua Osaka, April 30 (Xinhua) Japan Osaka Museum closed more than six months, “Osaka International Peace Center” opened again on the 30th. Exhibition adjusted, reflecting the Nanjing Massacre and other Japanese aggression exhibits disappeared, triggering protests. The protesters believe that this adjustment departure from the original building this concept. Prior to the “Osaka International Peace […]

Nepal 8.1 earthquake has caused 5844 people were killed and 10,000 people injured

April 30, China news agency reporters Zou Jin and Ni Boer “4.25” earthquake-hit city of Bhaktapur, the disaster appeared in front of many, including some of the world cultural heritage were damaged, many houses collapsed, many families their loved ones died , affected people’s lives are also facing shortage of food, lack of water, lack […]

Russia confirmed that Kim Jong-un does not participate in the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War victory celebration

MOSCOW, April 30 (Xinhua) Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on the 30th , North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will not participate in the 70th anniversary of the victory of Russia’s Great Patriotic War celebrations held on May 9 in Moscow. Peskov said that Russia had planned to visit North Korean leader Kim Jong-un , […]

Korean media : Kim Jong-un executed 15 officials were executed an objection is raised

South Korea’s National Intelligence Service at the plenary session of the Congress Intelligence Committee held that the first chairman of the DPRK National Defense Commission Kim Jong-un has executed 15 officials this year. April 29, South Korea’s National Intelligence Service at the plenary session of the Congress Intelligence Committee held that the first chairman of […]

Russian media : Kim Jong-un will not attend the Victory Day parade with the DPRK and Russia concerning the House

According to the Russian ” newspaper ” quoted RIA Novosti news April 30 , North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will not go to Moscow to participate in “Victory Day” celebrations on May 9 in . It reported that the Kremlin disclose the above information. Russian presidential spokesman Peskov said the decision with the internal affairs […]

Beijing Special Forces exercises in case of traffic jam late to change subway terrorism

Recently, the snow leopard in Beijing launched a commando to rescue the hostages, the fight against terrorists as the main content of the emergency drill, the members carrying weaponry emergency call, only to encounter serious traffic jam Jingkaigaosu all personnel change subway line 4 to reach Walkthrough Location. April 29, 2015 morning, Snow Leopard armed […]

China Seismological Bureau : Nepal highest seismic intensity of IX degrees and above

BEIJING, April 30 electrical China Earthquake Administration held a briefing this afternoon, Nepal 8.1 intensity earthquake field investigation to interpret. It is reported that the earthquake and the highest intensity of IX degrees above the long axis Isoseismal overall trend was WNW, which IX of the whole region in Nepal, VIII of the region spanning […]

Russia says North Korean leader Kim Jong-un would not attend the Russian Patriotic War Celebration

Data for: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. Source: CFP visual China BEIJING, April 30, according to Russia’s Interfax News Agency reported on the 30th, the same day the Russian Kremlin said North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will not attend the 70th anniversary of the Great Patriotic War Victory Day activities. It was also reported that […]

China and Russia will hold a joint naval exercise in the Mediterranean in mid-May

April 30 afternoon , Defense Ministry spokesman Geng Yansheng responded , ” Global Times” reporter’s question at a regular press conference confirmed that China and Russia will hold a joint naval exercise in the Mediterranean in mid-May . Geng Yansheng stressed that the exercise is not directed against a third party , regardless of the […]

British 760 -pound woman was hanging out of the room to go to the medical surgery cranes

[World Wide Web Roundup] According to the British “Daily Mail” reported on April 29, Wales 22-year-old woman Georgia • Davis (Georgia Davis) weighing up to 381 kilograms, have been rated as “Britain’s most obese Youth. ” Recently, she had to be crane hanging out at home, then was sent to hospital for emergency surgery. It […]

US-Japan military response involving Diaoyu remarks : Do not underestimate China’s determination

In the Defense Department’s routine press conference on the 30th, for the officials involved in the recent US-Japan Diaoyu Islands, the South China Sea and other words, spokesman Geng Yansheng said China is concerned extra-regional countries to intervene against territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests disputes between China and its neighboring countries, and any […]

Defense Department asked the US-Philippine joint military exercises : in the end who is in the manufacture of threats

Some people often played up “China threat” internationally. In the current situation, to hold such a large-scale joint exercises, we must ask, who is creating tension areas in the end? Who pose a threat to regional peace and stability, what is? Original title: strengthening military alliances, to display the “muscle” does not contribute to peace […]

North Korea said it would strengthen the consolidation of Korea nuclear deterrent nuclear development deal with US aid

Xinhua Pyongyang, April 30 (Reporter Zhu Longchuan Guo Yina) According to North Korea, “Rodong Sinmun” 30 reported that the peaceful reunification of Korea Committee issued a statement on the 29th secretary of the Board of the United States and South Korea recently initialed “Korea-US Atomic Energy Agreement” revision represents condemnation, saying the DPRK will further […]

Russian media : Russia or with China in building a research station on the moon

[World Wide Web Roundup] According to “Russia Today” (RT) TV website reported on April 29 that Russia might cooperate with China to build scientific research station on the moon. Russia is facing the challenge to build its own space station in 2024 to achieve its lunar exploration objectives. According to reports, the Russian deputy prime […]