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Singapore’s former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew still a slight improvement in the condition ventilator

Xinhua SINGAPORE, Feb. 28 (Xinhua) Singapore Prime Minister’s Office news release said 28 evening , former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew ‘s condition improved slightly , but is still central hospital intensive care unit for treatment. Prime Minister’s Office said that Lee Kuan Yew still in use sedatives and ventilators , but also continue to […]

Prior to the reopening of the Iraq Museum was ” Islamic State ” sabotage

Xinhua Baghdad February 28 electric Abadi on the 28th Iraqi Prime Minister announced that in order to respond to extremist organization “Islamic State” recently sabotage acts Mosul Heritage Museum, the Museum of Iraq from now on will be re-opened to the public. Abadi day of the opening ceremony at the museum, said: “Islamic State” extremists […]

Russia cited killed former Prime Minister might : or extremist -related

Local time on February 28, 2015, according to foreign media reports, the Russian opposition politician, former Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov was shot and killed. Pictured Nemtsov data plan. Video: Russian opposition leader Boris Nemtsov was assassinated Source: CCTV News China news agency, Moscow, February 28 (Reporter Wang Xiujun) – Russian investigators on the 28th […]

Foreign media: Singapore’s former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew condition ” improved “

BEIJING, Feb. 28 , according to Singapore’s ” Straits Times ” reported on the 28th , the Singapore Prime Minister’s Office issued a statement , saying the country’s former Prime Minister Lee Kuan Yew ‘s condition ” has improved .” The statement said , Lee Kuan Yew to live in Singapore General Hospital intensive care […]

Copenhagen, the Danish authorities to prosecute the first three shooting suspects conspiracy

Local time on February 15, Copenhagen, Denmark, police informed the identity of a serial killer shooting suspect Omar Hussein (Omar El-Hussein), aged 22, was born in Denmark. Pictured Danish police announced the suspect Omar Hussein in 2013 photos. BEIJING, Feb. 28, according to foreign media reports, a court spokesman said Denmark, the Danish judicial authorities […]

Russian Foreign Minister : Sino-Russian cooperation in the international arena based on the consensus view

Lavrov also said: “We have a number of bilateral projects and China each maintains its own economic and financial interests, but this is a friend and partner to negotiate an agreement between the once, they will be unconditionally implemented… “ RIA Novosti news February 28, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a speech at the […]

Russian Immigrants in Harbin held activities to commemorate the sacrifice of the Soviet World War II soldiers

Soviet Martyrs Monument is located in Harbin City, Museum Square , is the headquarters of the Soviet Red Army in 1945 to commemorate the war in China against Japanese invaders killed Soviet soldiers built. February 28 , a Russian emigrant in Kazakhstan before the Soviet martyrs monument presented flowers . On that day, Russian Immigrants […]

Iraq car bomb attack in eastern caused 6 deaths

Xinhua Baghdad February 28 electric eastern Diyala province of Iraq on the 28th in two car bomb explosions occurred in succession, killing at least six Iraqis were killed and 42 people were injured. Iraqi security officials told a Xinhua News Agency reporter, 65 km northeast of Baghdad, Diyala province city of Balad Lutz, two equipped […]

Prince William and Abe ‘s visit to the Fukushima disaster area Triples dine in local

Data for: Local Time February 28, 2015, Tokyo, Japan, Britain’s Prince William to visit NHK television, try the traditional Japanese samurai costume period. BEIJING, Feb. 28, according to Japanese media reports, 28 pm local time, visiting Japan, Britain’s Prince William and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to go with the Great East Japan earthquake disaster in […]

Egyptian court sentenced four members of the Muslim brother to death and 14 to life imprisonment

BEIJING, Feb. 28 , according to foreign media reports on the 28th , an Egyptian court sentenced four members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the death penalty and sentenced another 14 people to life imprisonment. Reported that these people were accused in the June 30, 2013 , clashes near the headquarters of Mu brother , guilty […]

Tao resign after the defection of call center : do not sue away, and even apologized

Desolate rest tao defected after Mao Zedong once again proven assertions. He refuge Kuomintang, Chiang Kai-shek did not trust him, that “he could betray the Communist Party, the future may also betray the KMT,” KMT arranged for him to do spy work, clearly taken against him “respect and disrespect, but with the defense” policy. Original […]

Waters south of Indonesia Richter 5.0 earthquake

BEIJING, Feb. 28 , according to the USGS news , Beijing at 18:53 on the 28th , the waters south of Indonesia 5.0 earthquake occurred , focal depth of 122.3 kilometers . ( Original title : the waters south of Indonesia Richter 5.0 earthquake ) This article Source: China News Network Original link:

Southern African countries of Lesotho elections

Cape Town, February 28 Xinhua electric Maseru news: Lesotho on the 28th general election to end political strife continued for several days. 9:00 pm local time, the voting began, 1.2 million registered voters in the country have access to polling stations. A total of 24 political parties participated in the elections, including the Prime Minister […]

Ukrainian folk armed : the contact line removed from both sides for about 95 percent of heavy weapons

Data for: Local Time February 27, 2015 , after the commencement of Ukraine Blagodatne, Minsk agreement , Ukraine army armored personnel carriers , military vehicles and artillery withdraw frommining fertile . BEIJING, Feb. 28 , according to Russian media reports on the 28th , the leaders of Russian folk armedthat day , civil armed continue […]

US media: Asian arms race competition fierce upsurge in India and Japan

Aircraft carrier, is the ultimate symbol of a country’s military strength, and represents the ability of a country’s military forces serving overseas. However, its characteristics make them costly armaments industry “luxury”, which is also prohibitive for many countries. However, these did not prevent the development of aircraft carriers currently determination Asian countries, Japan and India […]